Thursday, 3 November 2011

Update time

Righto so lots to tell. On the weekend Saturday I headed out on a group ride from Cabolture train station to Mooloola Train station. The idea to cover lots of km's ride lots of dirt and get the train back.
Was a hell of a ride totalling 78KM! My first ever ride over 40km and surprisingly i actually felt pretty good at the end.
Heres a great blog with pics and a better story from the guy who organised the ride. Thanks again  Neil.
And more pics from another rider
Geeze I need a shave :P

Then went out riding on Sunday as well. Took Michelle on her first MTBO event at Scribbly guym reserve. Some nice tracks thru there and quite a nice little course for a CATI event.
Think Michelle enjoyed herself so hope to drag along to a few races next year.
So the km's are back on track and the weightloss is starting to happen.

It's SO dam close. Problem we've been having is that the bottom berm which is the most important part to maintaining speed for a continuous loop. The problem was that the exit tightened which caused the bike to either float out of the berm ( hard to explain) or shoot you off into the trees. Most of the time I would be dabbing the brakes to be able to take the corner. So after much debate we opened up the exit got rid of the end roller and steepened the face of the berm.

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! we have full loops!!! Now can take at full speed most of the time without any issues and maintain the speed u to the tabletop and the top half of the track. Tabletop has also been chopped and changed now has a new roller on the side wall to allow pumping to the top half.

Next trick will be to work out what we need to do to get more speed. Track is GREAT FUN! with a few pedals thrown in can really whip around it. Hoping to get dirty tomorrow arvo and make some of the rollers BIGGER and LONGER. Theory being that flat ground is bad.

Quote for the day: " If I learnt form My mistakes , I'd be a f@#ken Genius"

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  1. "Flat ground is bad" hahahahah - mate you are a true mountain biker.

    Thanks for coming on the Mooloolah ride, Derek. 20 people all up is an awesome turn out. Only problem is, how do we the next ride anywhere near as good?