Sunday, 6 November 2011

Mount Joyce

So went out for a spin at Mount Joyce today with a mate Craig. We talked ourselves into havng a crack at this
Basically its a 3 stage downhill race where you at 45 minutes between stages which means you start at track 1 and get 45 minutes to complete it and get to track 2 etc. Sounds easy enough but at Mount Joyce that means 200-300 metres of climbing between each stage.

So we went out today to see if we could ride the Downhill tracks. First stop Seargeants WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! What a rush!!!!!!!! What an amazing ride! Full on rock gardens, BIG drops, sweeping corners and HUGE jumps!. ( Thank godness for B-lines LOL) So whats better than doing Seargeants for the first time?? DOING IT AGAIN!
First run was around 5:50mins but we stopped to scope the line a few times and run 2 was around 3:40. The real Downhill Boys do it aaround 2:30.
Finished the day off with a run down Black Rock which is another Down hill track but around 10 minutes long. Some really fast and flowy sections combined with some serious Drops.
Video from last time we went there.
Can't wait to hit Seargents again. What a rush!

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