Thursday, 20 October 2011


Yeah so its not quite going according to plan.
Tickets booked and I'm entered after a few issues. Last weekend saw me and a few mates, Gav, Mitch and Craig Do the hard yards and build a pump track in the backyard.

Early pics of the track.

Since then we've been tweaking it to try to get it to a stage that we can pump the whoe way around. Been doing a few sessions on the track which are only 10 minute spins but bugger you and are reat for cornering practice.
Did my first decent ride since the last MTBO event. We went out Bayview for a night ride. First time I've been there in twelve months and my first night ride out there. WHAT A HOOT!!! 30km/hr in the dark down a single track inches form the guy in fronts rear tyre. Had an absolute blast so we are going to try to make it a regular ride.
Thats all for now will attempt to update more regularly. But doubt it. LOL

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Day 2

Ok so I missed doing anything here yesterday. Oh well.
Righto so my starting weight ( which I'm not real happy with ) is 95.6kg and 25.2% Fat. Yep I'm a fat ass.
Goal is to get down to around 85 by January.
Day one I managed 10 km on the bike (road) and bugger all else Due to a witch doctor appointment ( Physio) Knee is getting there slowly. Also Got my first load of Dirt yesterday for the track. SO work has begun and looking pretty good.
Today I did 10km again this morning (road) Not happy with the road riding and lack of time to do anymore kms.. And NO Lycra was NOT worn!
Did soem more on the track starting on the first 2 rollers. Got the first one good but couldn't get the distance right for the second. Helps if I read the e-book I bought. Had them way to close together.
Hope to step up the kms later in the week and a big push over the weekend to get the track finished.

Quote for the day "Lycra- It should have  a weight limit"

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Hi all and welcome to my BLOG a.k.a Attempt to keep myself on track. The goal of this blog is to keep myself motivated to getting fit for Otago 2012. What's that you ask? THIS
You see I'm slightly obsessed with mountain bike riding and especially MTBO racing. MTBO racing is basically Orienteering races done on Mountain bikes. Typical distances can be as short as 15km and as long as 40km +.
So this Blog is my story/Diary of my road to Otago 2012 and getting fit enough to compete at a respectible level.
Current state of fitness is ok but not spectacular. I usually ride between 20-30km but not doing enough rides for my liking at the moment. Goal is to do at least 100km a week and to do at least one 60km+ ride before Januray. Longeest to date is about 38km- Duck creek rd and also Round 8 of the MTBO at Beerburrum last week.

Training begins tomorrow........