Sunday, 27 November 2011

Training has begun

So training has begun properly this week.
Schedule this week was-
Tuesday- 20km road ride to Daisy and back and 1 hour pump track
Wednesday- 17km group ride around Daisy hill
Thursday- Just weights at night
Friday-20km Explore ride to Scribbly gum
Saturday- 27km Explore again of Scribbly via a road loop to enter from the south entrance
Sunday- 51.5km EPIC ride.
Total for the week- 138km and I'm stuffed now.

So today's ride was all about working out the link routes between the different mtb tracks around the place. We started at cornubia and then over to Bayview. Steep dam hills there. Then over to Mt View rd at Mt Cotton where the hills turned into MOUNTAINS!!!!!!!!!!!
We then did a loop of Karingal XC course, Yet MORE DAM climbing hills.
Then over to Daisy where we went straight for the exit up Red hill and back over to Cornubia.
Where I had a gumby stack, Chain slipped as I gave it some welly and straight over the top and flat on my face. Bit scratched up but the worst part was the buckle on the backpack jammed itself into my ribs and am now quite sore.

Then we headed down resurrection in Cornubia forest and back to the cars and a much needed swim.
Ended up doing 51.5km and over 1000m of climbing over a period of 6.5 hours in the heat.

Day off tommorrow and back into again on Tuesday.

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