Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Update time

Well Sunday was an ABSOLUTE BLAST!
Imagine going for a ride with 90 mates. Al feeling the pain of the climb to the top of Mt Joyce, then one by one SCREAMING down it as fast as possible. Was such an amazing event. It fits in between the Serious Down Hill events and the Cross country events and combines a mixture of the two. A lot of riding skill is needed to decend quickly but a lot of  fitness was also needed to be able to get down Quick!
i came in at 10th in C-grade which I was reasonably happy with. I can go a lot faster which annoyed me, but my legs just weren't 100% which really Pissed me off. Anyway was a great Event and I hpe they can get the series off the ground next year.

Alrighty Decided yesterday that I really need to get fitter so proper training for Otago has begun. Did a 20km road ride this morning with the dualie and Knobbly tyres.  Was quite amusing chasing down the roadies. Then did a 1 hour Pump track session.

Pump Track Update
AWESOME. I can now average 10km/hr around it consistently both ways with ZERO pedalling ALL PUMP BABY!. Got a top speed tonight of 16.8 which is about max speed for the track and my bike.
Really got the hang f it now and am at the point where I'm accellerating out of the bottom berm going up hill.
Anyways thats it for now. Planning on doing a ride in the morning at Daisy and a Biggy on Sunday all over the redlands, about 40km.

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