Friday, 23 December 2011

Yarrabilba Photo shoot

Sunday I managed to drag a couple of mates out for a spin at Yarrabilba. None of us was up for a big ride so we decided to do a photo shoot instead.
Halfway up a single track Craig spotted an obstacle we had to have a go at getting over.

Don't know why but I like this piccie

Up the top of the hill we found some fun drops amongst the boulders. I didn't realise I wasn't wearing my helmet for this one.

Another big rock Craig had to tackle. Doesn't look it but the rock is about 5 foot high. He was using all 150mm of travel so I wasn't having a go with only 100mm of travel.

This is probably the best shot of Yarrabilba I've seen. Captures the mood of the place perfectly. Rocky and side by side riding. Choose your own adventure.

And one of my dodgy Pics This track is really steep and now has the nickname os S.A.B.I.P. Steering and braking is pointless.

Hope you enjoy the pics. All the good ones are Gav's. More here More Pictures Here.

Update for the Epic. Only for those that read this. Shhhhhhhhhhhh