Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Duck Creek Rd Kerry

Sunday saw a group of us heading up Duck Creek rd Kerry. After a foggy drive down this is the view which waited us as we headed off.

The first few climbs are quite a battle. With a 1000m of climbing over around 14km with road adding a further 4km to get to Oreilly's

 Andrew aka Hootsman ( All shots courtesy of him)enjoying the friendly and persistant birds at the Cafe at the top. Pancakes were the order of the day but the milkshake is not advisable when you've got 18km to go back down.
 A Beautiful shot of one of the trees at the lookout halfway up.
 The sign at the main lookout which spells the end of the main climbing sections.
 Troy doing his Superman inpersonation at the lookout.
 The view from the top over Oreilly's farm.
 The crew at the bottom. After the high speed decent, we decided to have an impromptu road race. Which really hurt the legs averaging over 35km/hr for the last 10 minutes immitating roadies.
Thanks to Jason for putting it together always a good ride and challenging ride. And to Andrew for the use of his piccies. I was on Video duty. And to everyne else for an enjoyable ride.

Last thoughts- BRING ON NZ!!!!! After a 60km ride Friday and then Duck creek rd Sunday I finally feel ready for NZ and The Southside Epic.

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  1. You think you're MTB obsessed? Well perhaps, but join the club, hah ha! Hope your ribs heal up quick. BTW, that Duck Creek ascent had a lot more more than 100m climbing; I think maybe you dropped a zero? ;-)