Monday, 5 December 2011

The week so far

It appears that I have done some real damage to my ribs after the Explore ride. Don't think they are cracked or broken just badly bruised. So that's making life farken hard.
So didn't get a lot of riding in last week.
Did a 25km explore /night ride at Scribbly gum. About 3km of which was repeats over a set of jumps, a natural bowl we found and a really technical log roll over ( nearly 4 foot high).
Some really cool little tracks in there. Little being the word, at night they are quite hard to follow because they are quite fast and narrow. This was almost my last ride as the chain slipped on the way back home at around 35km/hr I got up to give it some and came very close to coming off straight into a park bench. That would have really hurt.

I finished off the routing for "The Southside Epic" on Sunday with a 32km explore ride between West Mt Cotton Rd and Mt Cotton rd. Turns out the road that is meant to be "isn't". Ended up getting lost and found my way thru to Karingal where I got abused by some old guy for tresspassing. Sorry I didn't mean to get here and I didn't pass a gate or any signs so BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Then went up Wodlands drive to Thornlands and thru the tracks and bike path back home. There's a really cool track thru to the path I am taking everyone on. The epic is now around 85km long and around 1400m of climbing!

We are having a pump track competition afterwards to crown "The Pump Daddy" Trophy winner. If I lose on home soil I'll never live it down.

Now scarily enough I've started thinking of the next big ride and it will be HUGE!!!!!. More details next year.

Only 4 and a bit weeks to go till NZ. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Thought of the week... Apparently trying to shoulder barge big thick trees out of the way while riding can be painful.....Might be better to try and avoid them in future I'm thinking...

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