Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Update finally

Ok so Otago is done and dusted. So It's been a very long time coming but time for an update on the whole deal.

Day 1

Flew out form Brisvegas for Christchurch, Landed there about 2:30pm and flew thru customs ( good thing about having a bike)
After getting phone sorted I found some strangers with bike boxes and jumped on the bus.

We madly rushed to get our bikes sorted and get to our first race at 4.
The digs for the first few nights. Beware the snorers.

So the first race was a warm up event at Macleans Island Recreation area. This was a maze of fairly flat and smooth trails. Really well done for what they were as there was Bike, Horse and running trails all really welll marked and one way tracks all over the place.

I rode reasonably ok and didnt make to many mistakes, except being distracted by single tracks. which were actually quicker as the fireroads were like old train track lines and rough as guts.

Map for Maclean.

Map for Maclean was an A3 1:15,000. Just nmoticed I have the wrong map. this is the Short course map. The long used the same map but had a few extra checkpoints. And was around 18km.

Well all was going well in the race till I had a rush of blood to take over some Kiwis and ended up missing a turn off. This put me nto a sweet looking overgrown singletrack. So what was I to do but PING IT!. Until I went to go around a rose bush and ended up over the bars and in a ditch. I managed to bust me ribs again THE FIRST F$@#en DAY!!!!!!!!!!!.  Anyway was a decent race and a good warm up for the week ahead.

Weird as I discovered was that it was still daylight at 10pm at night which made the 2 sets of nightlights I took completely pointless.

Anyway that will d for now I'll try and update it a race at a time.

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