Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Final Count Down!

Well 3 more sleeps till NZ TIME!!!!! Got my new cranks today. A set of shimano SLX twin rings with bash guard.22-36 tooth.  This to go with the new cassette 11-34tooth,Rear deraillieur Short cage, new pedals and new shoes. This was done to attempt to make it more reliable. Happy days! Welll Almost!
Got the bike serviced about 5 weeks ago and had a heap of stuff suposedly fixed on it. From the day it came back the gears were playing and slipping all over the place. Result me over the top and bruised ribs. Finally over them now. Only occasional pain.

The bike hasn't felt right for a while now so I was cleaning it today egtting it ready for NZ and decided to pull the rear suspension apart. this was also "Meant" to be fixed. NOPE! One pivot Loose and the main bottom arm was MASSIVELY over tightened so wasn't moving AT ALL! So stripped it completely apart and recleaned and greased EVERYTHING. then whacked on the new cranks and Rear deraillieur, re tuned everything and WOW LOK AT THAT FULL REAR SUSPENSION AGAIN!

Amazes me how a Reputible bike shop "FOR THE RIDERS" can FUCK it up so bad!

Anyway back to the good stuff. Been reading up on where we are racing and looks like there will be some pretty awesome riding over there to be had. THEN WOW! the last race "RELAY" race is being held at a Snow farm 1500M UP! COOL can't wait for that one. Then got the final instructions tonight and there is absolute MUSIC to my Ears! and I QUOTE
"There is a downhill track from the Lodge to the bottom of the hill which may be used." I HAVE SO GOT TO HAVE A GO AT THAT!!! 1000M+ DECENT!!!

Tomorrow nights job pack the bike.

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